Source Documents  
    This is one of the two primary areas for the website. Contained here are transcriptions, extracts, and scans of original Williams documentation from all over the world. Accessing the records is just a click away.

   There is a new and powerful search engine that is very flexible. You can search the database either by individual information or by locale. At the bottom of the page, you will find the second method of access. Listed are all of the type of records currently stored in the repository (i.e. wills, land deeds, etc.). Clicking on these links will display all the records for the type selected.

     A lot of work on this repository continues behind the scenes, with many new records being added, probably as you read this. The current effort involves getting everything transferred from the old site to this one, including all the scans, and getting them linked and available! Bear with me as I work my way through this process!

Database Statistics

Last Update: 12 Aug 2013
# of Records: 152,358
Latest Record Sets Added:

1830 - First Installment - 13 States!
1800 - US Census - COMPLETE!
Williams Marriage Records
1820 US Census - partial
Missouri Deaths - 1883 to 1955

Submit Your Documentation!   
    Do you have documentation that you would like to see preserved and made available for all Williams researchers? If so, be sure to visit the Source Documentation Submission page, where you can now upload your own transcripts, abstracts and even images to the website! There are also submission guidelines that are listed as well as alternative submission methods!

(NOTE! This is still being developed, so bear with me! - Adrian)

Search the Repository

    Some Important Notes About This Search Engine!! This type of search is called a Boolean search, which is just a fancy way of saying that you can be more particular about how you want the database searched. There are a handful of operators that you can use with this type of search, but there are three primary ones that should suit all of your needs.

   1.) The first is the wildcard operator, an asterisk (*), which is commonly used to find parts of whole words. For example, if you search for Frank*, it will return both Frank and Franklin and even Frankenstein. The * can also go at the beginning of a word to find something ending in a particular style, such as *son, which would return Sampson, Johnson, Jackson, etc. You can also use it both at the beginning and end of a value, such as *son*, which would return results like Sampsonite and Jacksonville.

   2.) The second is the plus sign (+), which when prefixed to a value will tell the search engine that this word must be present in every match. For example, if you search for George +Brown, the results will be every record that has Brown in it, but may or may not have George. If you want only the results for every "George Brown" in the database, you would need to put a + on both names, e.g. +George +Brown.

   3.) The final operator are quotation marks (""). If you are looking for a particular phrase, enclose it in the quotes to force the engine to look for the phrase as a whole instead of looking for the individual words. For example, if you searched for "sheriff of Chatham", the results would only pull records that contain that exact phrase, such as "G. J. Williams was the sheriff of Chatham County from 1865 to 1874."

   Finally, one of the beauties about this type of search is that you can combine these operators in one query. For example, if I were searching for the previous fella, who sometimes went by "G.J.", sometimes went by "G. Jackson" and others went by "George J." and I knew he lived in Chatham, but didn't know anything about him, I would search for +G* J* +Williams +"Chatham County".

Search the database for an individual -->
(ex. Thomas or John* or +Frank or +Geo*)
Search the database for an location -->
(ex. Chicago or NC or GA or Green* or *ville)
(use abbreviations for states)

Record Types Currently in the Repository

    This listing represents that various types of records that are currently housed in the repository. If a document type is not listed (let's say you're looking for vehicle registrations and it isn't listed) then it means that no records of that particular type have yet been added to the database. Clicking on any of the types will pull up records that fit into that category regardless of name and locale.

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