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   It's funny how many times we meet people over the internet. Often, we can sometimes pick up pieces of information about them as we email or chat back and forth, but rarely do we get to really know anyone out there. And, just as often, I get inquiries from folks who want to know more about me. So, I figured it would be a good idea to throw a few tidbits out here.

   I was born to a military native of North Carolina, right around the time NASA put a man on the moon. Yep, many of my fellow genealogists out there consider me a whippersnapper. I got my start in genealogy while in my very early 20's, with two things being the catalyst that began my addiction. One was the desire to locate my biological mother after nearly 20 years of distance, who I did finally track down (via the LDS). The other was my receipt, from my father, of my great-grandfather's police badge...my first heirloom. I was intrigued by the badge (Chapel Hill Police, badge #1) and upon talking family history with both my father and Grandmother, I was hooked.

   As luck would have it, the mother of a very good friend of mine was an avid genealogist and she took me under her wing. This was before the massive proliferation of genealogy on the internet and so my indoctrination was of the old school method; many hours spent in the LDS library, cemetary stomping and hours on end of breathing 200 year old dust, digging through records in long forgotton courthouse basements. I wouldn't trade that time for anything because I learned many valuable lessons about research...the right way to do it and the easy way. And, in case you were wondering, yes...the pictures at the top of the webpage are my family. To be specific, it is 7 generations in a row, beginning with my 3rd-great-grandfather and going thru my son.

   I have been a professional computer geek for almost 2 decades now and still going. I was lucky in a sense...I was able to take something I enjoyed in my youth and turn it into a career. Looking back, I am not sure how I got enjoyment out of an old TRS-80. Somehow, I have been able to find time outside of my family and genealogy, to have other pursuits. One of my favorite things is crappie fishing with my dad. There's just something to be said about taking advantage of the opportunity to hang out with him. And, I have been an avid musician for quite a few years...originally playing drums but the switching to guitar. I miss my drums...my neighbors don't.


   My primary passion, though, is black and white photography. If I could have any career I wanted, it would be a fine art photographer...I seem to have a eye for it and it is where I tend to find the most peace. I have added some of my photos above (click on them for larger versions). It's a bit odd...here everyone is trading in their film cameras for digital and what do I do...I build a darkroom! I get asked a lot..."Why black and white?". To me, the answer is simple: Only after the distraction of color has been removed can a person see the soul of the photograph. It may sound corny to some but I figure...to each his own, right?!

   Anyway...there you go! There is a bit of information about me! Enjoy the site!!

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