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Latest News and Information - Aug 12, 2013                            

   Yes, it's been awhile since this page was updated! The project is gaining a second wind (or at least I am!) and after a long, unexpected delay, information is finally getting updated on the site. The DNA project has well over 1,000 participants now!
   Very soon (hopefully) this site will be going through a major facelift and update. It's grown so much over the years and this format just isn't working very well for it anymore. ~ Adrian

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This documentation repository houses literally tens of thousands of Williams records from all over the world. Feel free to look through and if you have
any that you would like to include
here, please let me know!
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This area includes all of the information related to the worldwide Williams DNA Project, whether you are new to DNA and looking for more information or you are already involved and keeping track of the results.
Last Updated: 10 Aug 2013
# of project participants: 1,077
# of Unique Family Lines: 236
Williams Genealogy was created and is maintained by Adrian Williams. Site last updated on 27 May 2008
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